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Oven-"fried" Fish
Pacific Rock Cod Stewed with Oranges, Tomatoes, and Olives
Pan-Fried Cod and Champ
Pan-fried Fish Parmesana
Panfried Fish with Spicy Mango Salsa
Parker House Fish Chowder, Boston, 1873
Parmesan Baked Cod
Parmesan Baked Fish
Pastel De Pescado
Poached Cod
Polenta With Salt Cod - (Polenta Con Ragu Di Baccala)
Portugese Influenced Scrambled Eggs with Salt Cod, Onions
Portugese Salt Cod
Portuguese Codfish
Portuguese Fish Chowder
Portuguese Salt Cod
Provencal Fish Stew
Psari Spetsiota (Baked Fish)
Pudin De Bacalao (Catfish Pudding)
Quick Cape Breton Chowder
Qvelling Cod Filets
Ratatouille and Cod Stew
Roast Cod Fillets with Tomatoes, Basil and Olive Oil
Roast Cod In Interesting Cabbage
Roast Cod with Anchovy and Garlic
Roast Cod with Herb Crust And Grilled Vegetables
Roast Cod with Persillade Crust
Roast Cod with Red Pepper and Coriander
Roast Fillet of Cod Studded with Garlic and Prosciutto
Roasted Cod with Vegetables
Rose Pepper Cured Cod Fillet with Dill and Anchovy Sauce
Salt Cod
Salt Cod Balls - (Polpette Di Baccala)
Salt Cod Bizcaine Style - (Bacalao A La Bizcaina)
Salt Cod Brandade
Salt Cod Chowder
Salt Cod Fritters - (Pasteis De Bacalhau)
Salt Cod Fritters with Parsley Sauce
Salt Cod Fritters with Wasabi Garlic Sauce
Salt Cod Gratin
Salt Cod Salad
Salt Cod with Chiles
Salt Cod with Polenta - (Baccala Alla Vicentina)
Salt Cod, Amalfi Style - (Bacala All’amalfitana)
Salt Codfish Fritters
Salt Codfish Hash
Salt Codfish Shaker Style, with Dropped Eggs
Salt Fish and Ackee
Saltfish Cakes
Saucy Fish Sandwiches
Sauteed Cod Provencale
Sauteed Fish with Tomatoes, Capers, Asparagus and Mustard
Savory Baked Fish
Savory Fish Cakes
Savory Mushroom and Fish Strudel
Seafood Alfredo
Seafood and Rice
Seafood Au Gratin
Seafood Brochettes Campeche Style
Seafood Chowder
Seafood File Gumbo
Seafood Lasagne
Seafood Linguine With Lemon and Basil Sauce
Seafood Mandarin
Seafood Pasta
Seafood Pilau
Seafood Stew
Seafood Stuffed Bell Peppers
Seafood Torcello
Seafood Treasures En Papillote
Seared Cod in A Rich Broth with Root Vegetables
Shaker Fish and Eggs
Shrimp and Fish Casserole
Shrimp and Fish Casserole
Skillet Cod Veracruz
Smoked Cod Chowder
Smoked Cod Pie
Smoked Fish Crunch
Smoked-Fish Pâte Canapes
Southwestern Alaska Cod Chowder
Spaghettini with Salt Cod and Tomatoes
Spanish Style Codfish
Spiced Tomato Fish
Spicey Cod
Spicy Fish Kebabs
Spicy Ragout of Fish Balls - (Tajin Bil-Hut)
Star Fish
Steamed Cod Supper
Steamed Cod with Gremolata and Tapenade Dressing
Steamed Lingcod with Spicy Citrus Salsa
Steamed Pungent Cod with Cabbage
Steamed Seafood Dumplings
Steamed Whole Fish
Steamed Whole Fish
Stewed Codfish
Stewed Codfish
Stewed Codfish (Guisado De Bacalhau)
Stewed Codfish (Plukfisk)
Students' Fish and Potato Curry

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