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All I Pebre (Eels In Piquant Sauce)
Angouille Persaillade
Baked Eel
Baked Eel Salonika
Baked Eel with Bay Leaves
Barbecued Eel
Bisato Sull'ara [Baked Eel with Bay Leaves]
Boiled Eels
Broiled Eel with Ladolemono Sauce
Casserole of Eels
Chippewa Dill Jellied Eel
Collared Eels
Curried Eel
Curried Eel (Aal I Karry)
Deep-Fried Eel
Dry-Fried Eel Slices
Eel Brochettes
Eel In Soy Sauce (Chang-O Jorim)
Eel Livornese
Eel Livornese
Eels In Piquant Sauce
Eels, Biarritz Style
Eels, Bilbao Style
Eels, San Sebastian Style
Egg-Avocado Pinwheel Sandwiches
Fried Eels with Creamed Potatoes

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