Herring Recipes: 75 recipes.
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Baked Chopped Herring
Baked Stuffed Herring
Canned Fish
Canned Herring
Chopped Herring
Chopped Herring
Chopped Herring
Chopped Herring
Chopped Herring
Chopped Herring (Lazy Method)
Creamed Herring
Creamed Herring
Creamed Herring
Crispy Oat Herrings and Apple Rings
Easy Chopped Herring
Familjens Raddning
Fish Fried in Oatmeal
Fried Herring in Marinade
Fried Herrings and Onion Sauce
Fried Herrings and Onion Sauce (Stegt Sild Med Logsauce)
Fried Salt Herring
Fried Salt Herring Mecklenburg Style
Glassblower's Herring
Grilled Herring with Orange
Grilled Herrings with Bubble and Squeak
Haugesund Pickled Herring
Haugesundsk Spedesild (Haugesund Pickled Herring)
Heringsalat (Herring Salad)
Heringsalat (Herring Salad)
Herring Appetizer
Herring Dip
Herring or Haddock and Potato Pie, Hamburg Style
Herring Pickled
Herring Salad
Herring Salad
Herring Salad
Herring Salad
Herring Salad with Sour Cream Sauce
Herring Salat (Herring Salad)
Herring Sandwiches
Herring Spread with Sour Cream
Herring Surprise
Herring Tidbits
Herring with Apple-Roe Puree
Herring with Cream for Sandwiches
Herring with Potatoes
Herrings with Beet for Sandwiches
Herrings with beet salad for sandwiches
Inlagd Sill
Latvian Herring Salad
Marinated Herring
Marinated Herring in Sour Cream
Marinated Herring Salad
Pickled Herring
Pickled Herring
Pickled Herring Canapes
Pickled Herring The Ukrainian Way
Pickling Herrings
Potted Herrings in Guinness
Red Beet Herring Salad
Salad Herring in Shuba
Salad of Smoked Herring, Orange and Grapefruit
Salt Herring Curing
Salt Herring with Potatoes
Sambal Goreng Fish
Selyodka Pod Ukropnym Sousom
Selyodka S Gorchichnoi Pripavoi
Sledzie Marynowane W Smietanie - Pickled Herr
Smoked Fish and Cucumber Sandwich
Solomon Gundy
Soused Herrings with Lemon
Star Gazy Pie (Pastes Hern Lagesek)
Sweet "N" Sour Soused Herring
Warm Baby Beets and Herring with Mustard-Dill Sauce
Warm Herring Entree Or Luncheon

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