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Trout with Tarragon and Cream Sauce
Trout with Vegetables
Trout Wrapped in Bacon
Trout, Nut Crusted
Trout, Pasta and Broccoli Casserole
Truite Au Bleu (Blue Trout)
Truite Aux Amandes (Trout with Almonds)
Truite Du Gave (Pyrenean Torrent Trout)
Truite Nantaise
Truites Au Bleu (Trout Cooked in Court Bouillon)
Turkish Smoked Trout Croquettes
Vanilla Smoked Trout
Vegetable-Stuffed Trout
Velvet Turtle Stuffed Trout
Vinaigrette Salad
Vineyard Trout
Warm Salad Of Ocean Trout
Whole Crispy Brook Trout With Mango-pineapple Sauce
Whole Roasted Trout with Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette
Whole Trout In Sweet and Sour Sauce
Wood-Roasted Trout with Chervil Vinaigrette
Zesty Trout Marinade

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