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Char-grilled Baby Octopus with Pesto Mayonnaise

2 lb Baby octopus, cleaned, halved 1 Clove garlic, crushed
2 T Brown sugar
1 T Lemon thyme leaves

Pesto Mayonnaise:
1/2 c Whole egg mayonnaise
1/2 c Red wine
1/4 c Ready-made pesto

Place octopus, garlic, sugar, wine and thyme in a bowl and marinate for1-2 hours. Cook on a hot bbq plate, tossing regularly until octopus is cooked and tender. To Make Pesto Mayonnaise- Mix together mayonnaise and pesto. Serve with octopus as a dip or spoon over as a sauce. A very simple way to bbq octopus is to marinade it in a mixture of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, crushed garlic and fresh parsley. After cleaning the octopus, brush with marinade and bbq for10 mins. The octopus will curl and then turn a claret red colour which looks very attractive in a garlic salad. If octopus is tough, tenderise before cooking by steaming for about 4-5 mins.