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Roast Cod with Herb Crust And Grilled Vegetables

Red onions
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Basil leaves
4 Tomatoes
200 g Cod steak; (7oz)
Anchovy fillets

For the Herb Crust:
1 Clove garlic
3 Handfuls parsley
1 bn Fresh basil
2 Anchovy fillets; (optional)
1 Handful breadcrumbs
Olive oil
Half lemon; Juice of
Salt and pepper

For the vegetables: Slice the fennel, red onions, leeks, aubergine in some boiling water and boil the vegetables for 5 minutes. Take the vegetables off the heat and pour out the water and pour the vegetables into a dish and add some olive oil and then leave. Place the vegetables on a hot grill or griddle pan and grill, turn each side for 3 to 4 minutes. Take them off the grill and place in a bowl with 1 part balsamic vinegar, 3 parts olive oil. Add some roughly chopped basil leaves to the vegetables and mix.

For the herb crust: Add in a blender 1 clove garlic, 3 handfuls parsley, bunch of basil, 2 anchovies (optional), blend. Then add some pinenuts which have been fried until brown in olive oil, handful of breadcrumbs and blend again. Finally add some olive oil, some salt and pepper, and juice of half lemon. Blend.

Lay the cod steak on an oiled baking tray and spread the herb crust evenly over the top of the steaks. Add to tray, 4 halved tomatoes and top with chopped anchovy fillets. Put in a medium heated oven for 12 minutes.

To serve: Place the cod on the plate and serve with one of the roasted tomatoes and grilled vegetables.