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Herring Salad

4 Filets of salt herring cut in 1/2-inch pieces*
Crisp lettuce leaves
1 Onion; sliced thin
2 Firm tomatoes; quartered
2 Hard-boiled eggs; quartered
1 Cucumber; peeled and sliced thin
8 Italian black olives in oil
3 tb Olive oil
1/3 c Vinegar
1 ts Salt
2 ts Sugar
1/4 ts Black pepper

* Herring filets should be soaked in cold water 12 hours before use.

On a platter, arrange the lettuce leaves. Place the herring slices over them. Top with onions and border with tomatoes, eggs, cucumbers and black olives.

Combine the oil, vinegar, salt, sugar and pepper and pour over all.

Chill for an hour.