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Chinese Bream

500 g To 750 g (1-1" lb) whole bream
2 1/2 Cm (1in. ) Piece green ginger
2 tb Soy sauce
4 Shallots or spring onions
2 1/2 Cm (1in. ) Piece green ginger extra
3 tb Oil
Coriander sprigs

Clean and scale fish. Put on to boil a shallow pan with water (enough to cover fish), salt and crushed ginger, boil 5 mins.

Reduce heat, put in fish, cover, cook over low heat 10-15 mins, or until fish is cooked.

Remove fish from water, drain well, place on heated serving dish. Pour soy sauce over, sprinkle with finely-sliced shallots, coriander sprigs and sliced extra ginger. Heat oil until nearly boiling, pour over fish.