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Rascian Carp

6 lb Carp
4 oz Bacon
2 lb Potatoes
12 oz Onions
3 oz Butter
12 fl Sour cream
1 tb Flour
6 Green paprikas

Scale and wash a large carp. Split in two, cut into half- pound pieces and score them. Sprinkle with salt and paprika and put thin slices of bacon into the incisions. Butter a fireproof dish, cover the bottom of it with slices of parboiled potatoes and put the dish into it. Cover the fish with sliced onions, green paprikas and tomatoes. Baste with melted butter and put into the oven. When half-baked, pour some thick sour cream in which a little flour has been mixed over it, and bake till the potatoes are quite ready.