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Spicy Fish Kebabs

2 Red peppers
2 Courgettes; sliced
150 g Button or wild mushrooms; (5oz)
20 Scallops
12 King prawns
2 Thick fish fillets; (monkfish, halibut, hake)
3 tb Olive oil
2 ts Curry powder
2 ts Honey
1 tb Lemon juice

Cut the red pepper into 1 1/2" squares, and cut the fish fillets into 2" squares.

Thread the vegetables and fish on to wooden skewers. Mix all the marinade ingredients together and brush over the kebabs. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight, ready to barbecue or grill the next day.

Fish and shellfish are low in fat and high in useful minerals, so they are great for anyone watching their weight.