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Creamed Herring

1 qt Bottle herring in wine sauce; skinned
3 md Onions
3 lg Eggs
6 1/2 ts Sugar
3 ts Prepared mustard
1 1/2 ts White wine vinegar
2 c Sweet cream

Empty the herring into a colander; remove and discard the onion. Wash herring gently in cold water to remove the wine sauce flavor.

Cut into bite-sized pieces. Slice onions finely. Separate rings and wash in cold water. Layer herring and onion rings into bowl.

Beat eggs, sugar, mustard and vinegar in top of double boiler. Warm slowly and stir constantly- do not allow to curdle- until mixture thickens. Cool. Add cream. Pour over herring. Cover. Refrigerate overnight.

Serve with crackers, bread and bagels.

Yield: about 50 bite-sized pieces