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Grilled Herrings with Bubble and Squeak

6 Fresh herrings
225 g King Edward potatoes; (8oz)
6 sl Smoked bacon
Grainy mustard
Double cream
Flat leaf parsley
2 Shallots
1/4 Savoy cabbage
Olive oil
55 g Flour; (2oz)

Make the bubble and squeak by mashing the potatoes and add in some blanched cabbage with sauteed bacon. Season well and add some chopped herbs and diced onion, mix well. Form into about 140g (5oz)cakes with a little flour and pan fry in some butter and olive oil. Fillet and place under a hot grill for about 4 minutes until the skin is nice and crisp.

While cooking add the mustard in a pan with the cream, white wine, herbs and seasoning and bring to the boil, then leave to one side.

Place the bubble and squeak onto the plate and add the sauce around the herrings on the top.