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Ligurian Fish Stew

510 g Red mullet; (18oz)
510 g Monkfish tail; (18oz)
900 g Mussels; (2lb)
225 g Squid; (8oz)
225 g Octopus; (8oz)
225 g Clams; (8oz)
6 Dived scallops
150 ml White wine; (5fl oz)
175 ml Olive oil; (6fl oz)
1/2 Onion
2 Celery sticks
2 Carrots
2 Cloves garlic
1 Fennel
600 g Tinned plum tomatoes; (1lb 5oz)

Chop the carrots, fennel, garlic and onion and saut‚ them off in a little olive oil and flamb‚ with pernod, add the white wine and the plum tomatoes. Bring to the boil and cook for about 5 minutes.

While cooking, prepare the fish and add to the sauce one by one, which ever takes longest to cook goes in first. Season well with salt and pepper. Place the fish and the sauce into a large bowl and serve with some charred bread and drizzled with some olive oil.