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Marinated Herring in Sour Cream

2 sm Or 1 big herring (male - with milt)
75 ml White wine vinegar
170 ml Sour cream
1 ts Sugar
1 Med-large onion; cut to rings.
1 Bay leaf
5 Pcs allspice

Clean fish, discarding heads, and inner parts. Put in cold water and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight. Change water once.

Remove skin from fish, cut a slit along back to bone, and a second slit along the inside to the bone. With both hands, slowly separate the fish to 2 fillets, discarding bone. Try to remove as many bones as you can. Remove the membrane from the inner side. Cut the fillets to slices, about 1 cm wide. Wash in cold water.

Now, remove the membrane surrounding the milt, and crush it to paste, adding sour cream, sugar and some black pepper. Add slowly the vinegar, stirring.

In a glass jar, put alternate layers of herring, onions and pour in the sauce. Add bay leaf and allspice. Keep refrigerated for 3 days at least, and enjoy.