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Roast Sea Bass in Mustard Sauce

2 Portions of filleted sea bass
8 oz Unsalted butter
2 Egg yolks
1 oz Clarified butter
1 tb Tarragon mustard
Seasoned flour
1 tb Chopped parsley

Sauce; in a liquidizer pour the heated butter over the egg yolks with 2tsp water, whisking hard to make the sauce. Put half the sauce into a pan and beat in the tarragon mustard. Season and put on one side.

Roast bass; dust the fillets with seasoned flour, lay them skin side up on a very hot, well buttered baking sheet and put them in a very hot oven - 475F. As soon as the skin will peel off the flesh, usually in about eight minutes, remove them from the oven and take off the skin. Lay the slices, brown side up, to the side of a plate, add the sauce and run a line of chopped herbs along the junction of the sauce and the fish.