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Salad Herring in Shuba

1 lb Whole cooked potatoes, chopped to cubics size 1/2"x1/2"
1 lb Cooked carrots, cut with p. 1/4"X1/4"
1 lb Cooked Beet, cut like carrots
1 lb Pickles, cut likecarrots
2 Hard boild eggs, cut like carrots
2 lg Herrings, chopped in size like carrots
1 sm Red onion
4 tb Mayonaise
Parsley and dill

Place in round plate a layer of potatoes whole portion, then layer of beets 1/2 of portion, then half ofportion of picles, then layer of carrots 1/2 of portion, then onion and finaly - herring then everythink backword: onion, carrots, picles, beets. On top pour Mayonaise and decorate with chopped greens. Let its soaked at least overnight. Serve like cake. It a very colorful and tasty appetizer. . .