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Batter Fried Lake Trout

1 1/2 lb Lake trout fillet
1 1/2 c Pepe's batter mix; or 1 1/2 c A pancake mix
1 1/2 c Club soda; or beer
1/2 c Vegetable oil

Pancake mixes will need additional seasoning: dry mustard, garlic powder and paprika.

Mix together the pancake mix with the club soda, to make a thin batter. You may have to add a little more club soda to achieve the right consistency. Set aside.

Cut the trout fillet in half lengthwise and then cut the two thin fillets into 4 portions. Moisten each in a bit of water. Shake off excess water and coat lightly in plain flour. Let the pieces dry 3 or 4 minutes on waxed paper or on a rack without touching each other.

With tongs dip each piece to coat evenly but lightly in prepared fish batter. Drop at once into hot oil in a non-stick skillet and fry 2-4 min each side, turning only once.

Use a spatula not tongs to remove fish from the pan or the coating will break and fall apart. Hold on a cookie sheet (ungreased) and keep pieces warm in a 250 F oven till all pieces have been fried.

This batter is good for deep fried fish of all sorts as well.