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Blackening (Or Bronzing) Spices for Fish

1 ts Onion powder
3/4 ts Oregano
3/4 ts Thyme
1 ts Black pepper
1 ts White pepper
1 ts Cayenne pepper
2 ts Salt
4 ts Paprika
1 ts Granulated garlic powder

Combine the seasoning in a bowl, mix well.

Bronzing The Fish 1/8 c.corn, peanut, or olive oil 4 filets of white-fleshed fish (redfish, blackfish, weak fish, snapper, dolphin, etc)

How To Prepare

Rinse the fillets and pat dry. Dredge in seasoning. Set aside. Cover pan with 1/8 inch of oil and heat over medium high flame. When the oil is good and hot, but not yet smoking, fry the fillets 2-3 minutes to the side (rule of thumb: 10 minutes co oking per inch of thickeness of fish). If you fold over the thin tail of the fillet so that the whole piece is of uniform thickness you will avoid having a dried-out end.