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Fish Chowder

"This recipe is unusual in two ways: it is remarkably 'dry,' and uses raw, rather than fried, onions. When made with the liquid content called for, its consistency would be about that of corned-beef hash and it could be heaped up on a plate. In the following conversion to a recipe for two persons, the liquid content is increased: 1 pound cod, haddock, or similar fish; 1 medium-sized potato; 1 medium-sized onion, 1/4 pound salt pork; 1 1/2 cups water; and 3/4 cup milk. Be sure that the flame is very low under the covered pot. Have a fresh, firm cod or haddock, a fish about 5 pounds is the best size. Take a saucepan large enough to hold a little more than you wish to make. Cut salt pork in small squares about the size of dice, and fry quite brown. Lay in the same pan alternate layers of thin, sliced potatoes first, then slices of fish, then broken water crackers, small fried pork, shreds of raw onion, black pepper and salt to suit the taste. Continue the layers until you have used up your material. Pour over it the pork fat from the scraps and half a pint of water, to keep from burning at the bottom. Close the saucepan tight and set on the fire. Cook slowly, without stirring, for 45 minutes, when it is ready for the table. As some fish cook drier than others, if you do not find the chowder thin enough to serve well in a tureen, add some fresh milk just before taking up, and let it come to a boil."