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A Pocketful Of Greens and Sardines
Barbecued Sardines
Beer Batter-Fried Sardines and Lime
Country-Style Maine Sardines
Cowboy Seafood Dinner
Crispy Fried Maine Sardines
Crumb Topped Sardines on Wilted Greens
Dashi Stock (Dried Sardine Stock)
Fish Spread
Grilled Sardines with Lemon-Pepper Vinaigrette
Lemons Stuffed with Sardines
Maine Sardine Canapés
Maine Sardine Christmas Pate
Marinated Maine Sardines
Mediterranean Sardine Pate
Norwegian Sardine Pate
Open Face Sardine Sandwiches with Quick Aioli
Quick Sardine Pate
Sardine Appetizer
Sardine Hero's
Sardine Pasties
Sardine Pate Appetizers
Sardine Saladettes
Sardine Spread
Sardines and Wild Mushroom Salad on Toast
Sardines On A Roll
Saucy Sardine
Saucy Sardine Dip
Sloppy Sardines
Souffle Sardine Canapes
Summer Mediterranean Sardine Salad

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