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Chile Fried Catfish

Dry Ingredients
1 c Whole wheat flour
1 c Yellow corn meal
1/2 ts Chile powder; (up to 1)
4 tb Lowrey's Season Salt
2 Good shakes of garlic powder
1 ts Old Hickory Smoke salt
1/2 ts Celery Powder

2 lb Fresh catfish filets; cut into 1" X 2" chunks or strips
1 lg Onion; coarsely chopped
Couple handsful of fresh green Tepins; Bolivians and cayennes *

* whole, with stems still on. (or other larger fresh green chiles in coarse chunks)

I tried something interesting this week. Fried some fresh catfish as follows:

Mix all dry ingredients above in a bowl.

Cut up filets into chunks and pat extra water off with paper towels. Spritz with lemon juice. Roll in dry mix, one chunk at a time while filets are still damp. (If you throw 'em all in together they make a gluey mess.) Heat cooking oil over the grill outside (keeps odors out of the house) in a deep dutch oven W/ lid available. Oil should be 2" deep and hot enough to bubble a fish chunk when dropped in. Add fish to hot oil, don't crowd them too much. When the first fish chunk floats up, add a few chiles and onion chunks. Put the lid on. Remove all when fish is golden brown and mostly floating (mine took about 5 minutes, check fish for texture if unsure). Divvy up onions & chiles so each batch of fish gets some. Drain on paper towels. Consume fish with chiles (salted a little) and onions.

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