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Mud Catfish

Take a 2 to 21/2 pound catfish, gut and remove horns and fins leave the head. Get some clay and make two plates 3/4" thick by 6"X12" or as big as your fish. The clay should be fairly loose. Push your catfish into the clay firmly so as to indent into the clay. Take your other plate and put over top of fish and squeeze the ends together all around. Making sure all seams are sealed . Now and this is important, take a 1/4" stick and punch a hole threw the clay and into the fish, if you don't it will explode.

Next have a fire with at least 1 foot of coals in it. Put the plate in the coals with your hole up important. Make sure you have at least 3" of coals over your plate at all times. Leave in fire for 2 to 2 1/2 hours and then remove. Take your plate turn it up to you at 90 degrees and take a knife and pop open where the seam was. The skin of the catfish should be stuck to the one half of the plate leaving the fish in the other plate. Now if your generous you can take half of the fish and put it in the plate with the skin in it and share. Serves Two

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