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Archer Teachers Great Fish

3 lb Fish fillets

Basic Fish Batter
3 c Boxed pancake mix
3 c Club soda

The simplicity of imitating the original Arthur Treacher Fish is to whip together the boxed pancake mix (used dry from the box) with the club soda, till the batter becomes the consistency of buttermilk. You may have to add a little more club soda to achieve this consistency. (Perhaps a 1/2 cup more will do!) Set it aside.

Cut 2 to 3 pound fish fillets each in half, making a triangle shape of each half. Moisten each in a bit of water. Shake off excess water & coat lightly in plain flour. Let pieces dry 3 or 4 minutes on waxed paper, without touching each other. The floured coating acts as an adhesive, so that when you dip them each into the wet batter, the coating will not break apart nor fall off during frying.

With tip of small sharp knife, pierce 1 floured piece of fish at a time & dip to coat evenly but lightly in prepared fish batter. Drop at once into 3" depth of hot oil (385 - 400 degrees F) and fry only a few minutes each side, turning only once to brown each side. Do NOT use tongs to remove fish from hot oil, or coating will break and fall apart. Spear pieces 1 at a time with tip of sharp knife & place on cookie sheet (ungreased) and keep pieces warm in 300 degrees F oven till all pieces have been fried.

Serves 6 to 8.

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